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1). I wish you could see some of the girls I have genuinely had crushes on in my life. They’re not the girls you would assume.- Chris Evans

2). I want to crush everyone. I want to outsmart everyone. -Lewis Hamilton

3). The only leading man I ever had a crush on was James Garner. -Mary Tyler Moore

4). We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. – Carl Jung

5). I’m waiting for the day when you’ll tell me that you’re thinking about me all the time.

6). Like a cyclone, imperialism spins across the globe; militarism crushes peoples and sucks their blood like a vampire. -Karl Liebknecht

7). I do notice on Twitter that a lot of girls write to me, and they either say, ‘I want to be your best friend,’ or they say, ‘I have a total girl crush on you.’ I’m like,-‘Awww.’ -Rebel Wilson

8). ‘Crush’ was my first number one on the call sheet.- Lucas Till

9). It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you’ve fallen in love with. – Clark Gable

10). It’s amazing how crazy i feel when my phone vibrates and I’m begging it to be you.

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11). “Psychological fact, being unable to get someone off your mind indicates that you are also on that person’s mind as well.”

12). If you don’t have a valentine, hang out with your girlfriends, don’t go looking for someone. When it’s right, they’ll come to you. – Carmen Electra

13). Crush Malaysia! Indonesia may change its tactics, but our goal will remain the same.- Sukarno

14). I get crushes on directors because they are so brilliant.- Dorothy Malone

15). “You don’t meet people by accident. There’s always a reason. A lesson or a blessing.”

16). The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don’t turn against him, they crush those beneath them. – Emily Bronte

17). I think ‘Candy Crush’ may be fading in popularity, but there’s always something new that’s popping up.- Kristen Soltis Anderson

18). My kind of work is very intense. The trouble with me is that I completely fling myself into it. I get giddy. I get terrible crushes on jobs.- Maxine Peake

19). A movie camera is like having someone you have a crush on watching you from afar — you pretend it’s not there.-Daryl Hannah

20). “Should I smile because we are friends? Or should I cry because we’ll never be anything more?”

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21). It’s really been a better situation for me being with the Crush than it would if I were with the Broncos because this has given me a lot more broad range.- John Elway

22). I get crushes on directors because they are so brilliant.- Dorothy Malone

23). I took one look at you Thats all I meant to do And my heart stood still.-Lorenz Har

24). “I try not to miss you, I try to let go, but in the end, you’re always on my mind.”

25). The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don’t turn against him, they crush those beneath them. – Emily Bronte

26). Jessica Alba. I have the biggest crush on her, I can’t even tell you. I met her in Vancouver when she was filming ‘Good Luck Chuck.’- Alexander Ludwi

27). I used to get painful crushes on really unavailable guys. -Molly Shannon

28). Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.-Stella Adler

29). “I will wait for you because honestly I don’t want anyone else.”

30). Ryan Reynolds was my childhood crush. His name is all over the walls of my room. I actually Photoshopped myself into a picture with him my freshman year of high school.- Brianna Hildebrand

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